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Peter Poussenier Bv


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bracelet with open links and one link set with a brilliant cut diamond
necklace with brilliant cut diamonds set in donuts our roundels
wide ring with an organic structure and brilliant cut diamonds pavé set with three grains (whitout rhodium)
wedding ring slightly rounded also on the inside set with a small sapphire
tension ring with an emarald cut tourmaline set between two bars
pavéring lightning pavé set with brilliant cut diamonds
tension ring with a brilliant cut diamond with a slightly wider top
ring 18kt topaz 5x5mm ruit
wide organic ring with thinner candle-edged edge set with three brilliant-cut diamonds
wide candle edged ring with small brilliant cut diamonds
pendant bead at a lock set with brilliant cut diamondse
ring for four brilliant cut diamonds set in four prongs
quad ring with four brilliant cut diamonds in a slim square setting on different heights
pendant with letters L and N set  in star pattern with brilliant cut diamonds
wide ring with brilliant cut diamonds of various widths in random spaghettisetting
ring with grid and brilliants in pots
ring double band with rondel
ring flat wide band with brilliant in donutsetting
earrings with SouthSea pearls and alpa poussette system
ring with pearl and 3 brilliants
pendant wire 18kt brilliant pearls 11mm
bracelets 18kt brilliant in pots & entourage small rings
pavé ring 18kt bowed for pearl 13mm +central band
pearl ring with Tahiti and wild pearls
ring with 10 pearls and 9 brilliants
earrings 18kt yel sat topase drop shaped
ring 18kt cubes 15,6mm broad
alliance ring partly set with brilliant cut diamonds between bars
wide rounded ring set with fancy colored brilliant cut diamonds
wedding ring diamond band brillant 3rows of holes + #kl