Peter Poussenier Bv


Looking for for a traditional occasion then you can address to an honest and reliable diamond dealer in the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Size: 53 mmc

White rhodium finish Gold 18kt

(price on request)

Detailed Information

Solitaire 18kt for round stone White rhodium finish Gold 18kt (Also available in other precious metals.) RG0586

53 mmc
3.92 g
Diamond quantity:
Setting Details:
Bezel Setting
Shape Main Stone:
Round Brilliant
Diamond Shape:
Round Brilliant
Polish R
Choose & buy:
Looking for
Buy what:
For a traditional occasion
At Whom:
Then you can address to
An honest and reliable
Diamond dealer
In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

The solitaire setting is the most sober setting of all. If you want all the attention on your gemstone, this setting is the most appropriate. A solitaire setting can be performed with prongs or claws, but the diamond or gemstone can also be set in a pot or bezel or directly in the plate or metal. This is not performed by our master goldsmith but by our specialized solitaire setter. Yes, even the type of setting itself is also subdivided into all kinds of specializations. If you want your precious gemstone to be processed into a ring, pendant, earring or bracelet with the greatest craftsmanship, then you choose a workshop with more than thirty years of experience in the middle of the Antwerp diamond district.


This item exudes class and simplicity.

Round Brilliant

The modern brilliant cut diamond is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular shape available. It consists of 58 facets and the shape is optimized to reflected the light entering the stone through the top (table). The cut surfaced in the mid 17th century and counted only 17 facets in the crown. Later, a Venetian cutter called Vincent Peruzzi, improved the shape to 33 facets in the crown.

Looking for

Are you looking for something sustainable for yourself or for a loved one? Do you already know what kind of jewel you want or are you not convinced yet? Then be sure to browse through our catalog and let us know which style of jewelery you like. We can also carry out your own design for you in our studio.

Getting engaged is a unique event. You do that with a handmade unique engagement ring.

For a traditional occasion

For a special occasion, choose a traditional jeweler.

Then you can address to

To mark an important occasion in your life or to give something valuable to a beloved one is something you prepare carefully. You first look for a trustworty partner to collaborate with. In the Antwerp diamond district, we have the best reputation among diamond dealers and jewelers as reliable professionals. You are in good hands with us.

An honest and reliable

Buy your jewelry from someone who is reliable and honest. It is important that the diamonds or precious items you purchase are made with integrity by a trusted craftsman. From someone who does what is right. Then you can also count on good after-sales service. Because when you buy something to wear for a lifetime, it's important that you buy it from a loyal person. From someone with an impeccable reputation. And this for more than thirty years.

Diamond dealer

The choice of a personal diamond can’t be taken for granted. Peter Poussenier, Antwerp diamond merchant en jeweller in the Jewish quarter, ensures the fulfillment of your requirements and the ideal combination of carat, clarity, color and cut. Make your dream a reality and obtain the most beautiful diamond from the biggest diamond market in the world.

In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Antwerp is known for its diamonds industry and its Orthodox Jews. A few decades ago approximately eighty percent of Antwerp’s Jewish population used to make a living from the diamond industry. Apart from the gatherings in the diamond district and at the synagogue, Jews from Antwerp have lived mostly in different entities. The most recognizable community is that of the Haredi. After New York, London and Jerusalem, Antwerp is home to one of the largest ultra-Orthodox communities in the world.

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