Peter Poussenier Bv


Purchasing a classic diamond piece with a modern twist for a milestone in your life then you can address to an honest and reliable craftsman in the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Size: 1 cm

Yellow Gold 18kt

(price on request)

Detailed Information

Necklace 18kt y/g omega.
Yellow Gold 18kt (Also available in other precious metals.) CGL7006

1 cm
16.80 g
Without Setting
Modern Classic
Hand assembled
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Buy what:
A classic diamond piece with a modern twist
For a milestone in your life
At Whom:
Then you can address to
An honest and reliable
In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

This item exudes class and simplicity.


You don't buy sustainable handmade jewelry every day. You can do this with peace of mind from a jeweler with a good reputation. So you are in the right place in our workshop in Antwerp where we will help you to get everything your heart desires.

A classic diamond piece with a modern twist

Many keep their diamond look simple, but there is a growing trend to mix up classics and make them less formal. Less formal means you can wear your diamonds “with a tennis shoe instead of a high heel”. For example, you can express your individuality with a diamond necklace by adding sparkle to daytime jewelry in a playful mix of chains, funky beads and talismans without looking too showy. Or you can stack diamond tennis bracelets with any number of other bracelets, beads, and leather thongs for a luxe bohemian look. Or wear denim jeans and a t-shirt togheter with classic diamond pieces. Yes, indeed rivières, tennis bracelets and ear studs can be worn dressed up or casually. If you buy contemporary yet classic jewelry everyone, regardless of age, will love wearing the pieces while it's remaining classic enough so they can be passed through generations while maintaining their value.

For a milestone in your life

For a memorable moment or a memory that you want to keep cherishing, you can contact us for advice on how to immortalize this in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Then you can address to

To mark an important occasion in your life or to give something valuable to a beloved one is something you prepare carefully. You first look for a trustworty partner to collaborate with. In the Antwerp diamond district, we have the best reputation among diamond dealers and jewelers as reliable professionals. You are in good hands with us.

An honest and reliable

Buy your jewelry from someone who is reliable and honest. It is important that the diamonds or precious items you purchase are made with integrity by a trusted craftsman. From someone who does what is right. Then you can also count on good after-sales service. Because when you buy something to wear for a lifetime, it's important that you buy it from a loyal person. From someone with an impeccable reputation. And this for more than thirty years.


A good craftsman possesses the necessary technical skills and knowledge of their craft. They have a deep understanding of materials, tools, techniques, and processes involved in their particular craft. Craftsmanship often requires time and effort. A good craftsman is patient and perseveres through challenges and setbacks. They are willing to invest the necessary time to achieve the desired outcome, even if it means redoing or refining their work multiple times. Our craftsmen will turn your jewelry into a unique, tailor-made work of art. The finish also allows the goldsmith to give your jewel a certain look, enhance the contrast in the ring or accentuate certain parts. Highly polished, ice matt or deeply scratched.

In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Antwerp is known for its diamonds industry and its Orthodox Jews. A few decades ago approximately eighty percent of Antwerp’s Jewish population used to make a living from the diamond industry. Apart from the gatherings in the diamond district and at the synagogue, Jews from Antwerp have lived mostly in different entities. The most recognizable community is that of the Haredi. After New York, London and Jerusalem, Antwerp is home to one of the largest ultra-Orthodox communities in the world.

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