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Purchasing online a solitaire ring for a milestone in your life you get in contact with a reputable bijoutier in the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Size: 52.5 mmc

Yellow Gold 18kt

Price:  2990 €/st (2470excl. VAT)

Detailed Information

Solitaire with an oval cabochon cut moonstone in a slightly conical bezel setting between a rounded band.
Yellow Gold 18kt (Also available in other precious metals.) RG1461B/CAB/MOO

52.5 mmc
13.45 g
Gems quantity:
Colored stone weight:
Gem shape:
Setting Details:
Bezel Setting
Shape Main Stone:
Modern Classic
Hand assembled
Casual Luxury
Choose & buy:
Purchasing online
Buy what:
A solitaire ring
For a milestone in your life
At Whom:
You get in contact with
A reputable
In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Specialists give the jewel a high gloss with quickly rotating brushes. Our polliser is therefore a dedicated professional with a perfect eye for detail.


The word "solitaire" refers to the fact that only one stone is placed in the setting. The solitaire setting is therefore the most sober setting of all. It gives a simple and classic look. If you want all the attention on your gemstone, this setting is the most appropriate. There are several types of solitaire settings, including the tiffany setting, which has a high setting that protects the stone and increases the brilliance of the stone, and the cathedral setting, which features metal arches that hold the stone. A solitaire setting can therefore be performed with prongs or claws, but the diamond or gemstone can also be bezel set in a pot or case or directly in the plate or metal. This is not performed by our master goldsmith but by our specialized solitaire setter. Yes, even the typesetting itself is also subdivided into all kinds of specializations. If you want your precious gemstone to be processed into a ring, pendant, earring or bracelet with the greatest craftsmanship, then you choose a workshop with more than thirty years of experience in the middle of the Antwerp diamond district.

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting is a technique used to set gemstones in jewelry such as rings, earrings and pendants. With a bezel setting, a thin strip of precious metal is beaten pushed around the gemstone. This protects the gemstone and ensures that it stays firmly in place. A bezel setting is a popular choice when setting gemstones because it protects the stone better than other settings. There are different types of cast or bezel settings, including full bezel settings, half bezel settings, and open bezel settings. There are several advantages of using a bezel setting for a jewel, including: Security: A bezel setting is one of the most secure settings for a gemstone, as the precious metal rim holds the stone firmly in place and protects it from damage or loss. Durability: The preciouis metal rim of a bezel setting also adds to the durability of the jewelry piece, as it protects the edges of the stone from chipping or scratching. Versatility: Bezel settings can be used with a variety of gemstone shapes and sizes, making them a versatile option for jewelry designers. Style: Bezel settings can create a unique and stylish look for a piece of jewelry, as the golden or platinum rim can be crafted into different shapes and designs to complement the stone. Light reflection: Depending on the style of the bezel setting, it can also enhance the brilliance and sparkle of the gemstone by reflecting light off the gold or platinum and back onto the stone. Overall, a bezel setting can provide both functional and aesthetic benefits to a piece of jewelry, making it a popular choice for many jewelers and jewelry wearers.

Casual Luxury

This item is to wear loosely on a trendy ordinary day.

Purchasing online

If you prefer to buy your jewel online, you can compose your diamond jewel using our online application. On this website you can set your preferences for your custom jewellery. Everything is customizable. The band, the type of setting, the color of the gold, the finish and of course the central diamond. Peter Poussenier works closely with the best Antwerp diamond polishers and thus has access to their full range. This allows you to select the most unique and interesting diamonds by adding them to your bespoke jewellery. If you feel more comfortable visiting us before purchasing, you can of course schedule an appointment. In that case, you can just use our online app to make selections of what you like. By forwarding your preferred selection in advance without any obligations, we can better prepare your visit. But of course you can also order online and have your dream jewel delivered insured at home.

A solitaire ring

In its simplicity, a solitaire ring is the best piece of jewelry that you can gift or buy for a special or unique event. In all their simplicity, most solitaire rings are set with a brilliant cut diamond, but other cuts such as oval, princess or cushion cut are also very popular. If you want it a little tighter, you can go for an emerald cut diamond.

For a milestone in your life

For a memorable moment or a memory that you want to keep cherishing, you can contact us for advice on how to immortalize this in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

You get in contact with

You arrive in Antwerp near the Central Station at the Zoo or at the Vestingsstraat or Hoveniersstraat and you don't know where to go to buy a diamond jewel. That is why it is best to google in advance and inform yourself via reviews on websites such as TripAdvisor or Google Places. Then you will notice that lovers, fiancés, bridal couples and generous givers of beautiful jewels are one for one particularly enthusiastic about our workshop where jewelery is still made by hand. Five star reviews are therefore the usual ratings when it comes to the satisfaction of our customers.

A reputable

For more than thirty years, our goldsmith's shop has been recognized by the most important bodies in the diamond sector. As an old member of various professional organizations such as NSZ and UNIZO, we are recognized as craftsmen at the FPS Economy and SME. Our workshop therefore has an excellent reputation, as evidenced by the excellent reviews on TripAdvisor.


With more than thirty years of experience, you are in good hands with us when it comes to handmade diamond jewelry.

In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Antwerp is known for its diamonds industry and its Orthodox Jews. A few decades ago approximately eighty percent of Antwerp’s Jewish population used to make a living from the diamond industry. Apart from the gatherings in the diamond district and at the synagogue, Jews from Antwerp have lived mostly in different entities. The most recognizable community is that of the Haredi. After New York, London and Jerusalem, Antwerp is home to one of the largest ultra-Orthodox communities in the world.

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