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If you want to have a special creation made such as a classic diamond piece with a modern twist for a unique event you do that at an honest and reliable jeweller in the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Size: 52 mmc

White rhodium finish Gold 18kt (8 to 12% Palladium)

Price:  5380 €/st (4450excl. VAT)

Detailed Information

Toi et moi entourage ring with two fancy brown half moon shaped diamonds surrounded by smaller brilliant cut diamonds pavé set.
White rhodium finish Gold 18kt (8 to 12% Palladium) (Also available in other precious metals.) RG1451/BRO

52 mmc
10.75 g
Polish R
Diamond quantity:
Diamond weight:
Diamond Shape:
Mixed Shapes
Very Good
Very Good
Setting Details:
pavé ZigZag
Shape Main Stone:
Half moon
Modern Classic
Hand assembled
Natural diamond
Fancy Colour:
fancy overtone:
fancy Intensity:
Choose & buy:
If you want to have a special creation made such as
Buy what:
A classic diamond piece with a modern twist
For a unique event
At Whom:
You do that at
An honest and reliable
In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

The "two stone setting" or "toi et moi setting" is a specific type of jewelry setting where two stones are placed next to each other, often with a little bit of space between them. The name "toi et moi" is French for "you and me", which refers to the symbolism of the two stones placed together. This type of setting became popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and was often used for love rings and other jewelry. The two stones in the setting can be different shapes and sizes, although they are roughly the same size. A variant of the toi and moi setting is the "infinity setting", where the stones are placed on the equivalence of a loop resembling the infinity symbol. This can also be seen as a symbolic way of expressing the closeness of two people. The two-stone setting can be used with different types of gemstones, but diamonds are the most likely because of their hardness and durability.

Very Good

at 10x magnification, minor features are seen


This item makes a strong impression.


Fancy brown diamonds, also known as "chocolate" or "cognac" diamonds, are prized for their rich and warm earth tones. The value of a beautiful brown diamond is determined by a number of factors, including the automatic and uniformity of the brown color, clarity, cut and carat weight. The more intense and more evenly distributed the brown color, the more valuable the diamond. One of the reasons beautiful brown diamonds are valued is their versatility. They can be set in a range of metals, including white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, and their warm tones can combine a range of skin tones and styles. Another reason that beautiful brown diamonds are valued is their affordability compared to other smaller diamonds, such as pink or blue diamonds. While still relatively small, brown miniatures are smaller than other smaller diamonds, and their prices are generally lower. Fancy brown diamonds are mainly mined in Australia, Africa and South America. They are often found in the same mines as other patterns, and their color is thought to be caused by laters in the diamond's crystal lattice structure. They offer a beautiful and more accessible alternative to traditional white diamonds and their popularity has passed in recent years with more people looking for its unique and individualized jewelry.

If you want to have a special creation made such as

Something that is given with love should be made with love. A creation is made especially for you by a designer with a thorough understanding of precious metals such as gold and platinum. A machine will never have this smoldering desire to create. That is why we still make our jewelery by hand at the bench in our workshop.

A classic diamond piece with a modern twist

Many keep their diamond look simple, but there is a growing trend to mix up classics and make them less formal. Less formal means you can wear your diamonds “with a tennis shoe instead of a high heel”. For example, you can express your individuality with a diamond necklace by adding sparkle to daytime jewelry in a playful mix of chains, funky beads and talismans without looking too showy. Or you can stack diamond tennis bracelets with any number of other bracelets, beads, and leather thongs for a luxe bohemian look. Or wear denim jeans and a t-shirt togheter with classic diamond pieces. Yes, indeed rivières, tennis bracelets and ear studs can be worn dressed up or casually. If you buy contemporary yet classic jewelry everyone, regardless of age, will love wearing the pieces while it's remaining classic enough so they can be passed through generations while maintaining their value.

For a unique event

Buying a piece of jewelry is often a unique event in itself. Without there being anything special to celebrate, you can also reward yourself with something very authentic and natural. Buying your own fine jewelry – or ‘self-gifting’ – means that you are probably a very independent person that can also take good care of yourself.

You do that at

Choosing a piece of jewelry as a gift or as a promise of lifelong commitment and love is not something you should take lightly. Inform yourself well in advance and colaborate with someone with experience and expertise.

An honest and reliable

Buy your jewelry from someone who is reliable and honest. It is important that the diamonds or precious items you purchase are made with integrity by a trusted craftsman. From someone who does what is right. Then you can also count on good after-sales service. Because when you buy something to wear for a lifetime, it's important that you buy it from a loyal person. From someone with an impeccable reputation. And this for more than thirty years.


As a jeweler, Peter Poussenier specializes in diamonds of the highest quality and in the manufacture of bespoke jewelry set with diamonds and precious stones. You can contact us for a finished jewel from our collection or you can first look with us for a diamond around which we create your jewel.

In the Antwerp Jewish quarter

Antwerp is known for its diamonds industry and its Orthodox Jews. A few decades ago approximately eighty percent of Antwerp’s Jewish population used to make a living from the diamond industry. Apart from the gatherings in the diamond district and at the synagogue, Jews from Antwerp have lived mostly in different entities. The most recognizable community is that of the Haredi. After New York, London and Jerusalem, Antwerp is home to one of the largest ultra-Orthodox communities in the world.

Natural diamond

Because of the traditional and romantic meaning it has as a symbol of love and connection we only sell natural diamonds. They have a higher value and are exclusive because natural diamonds are formed in the earth under unique conditions and are very rare, which increases their exclusivity and value. Natural diamonds also often have a unique and unpredictable brilliance and color. Diamond producers we are working with also do everything they can to mine and process their diamonds in a responsible and ethical manner.

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