Peter Poussenier Bv


Size: 60

White rhodium finish Gold 18kt (8 to 12% Palladium)

Price:  1370 €/st (1130excl. VAT)

Detailed Information

Bracelets slave band or bangel handmade with an oval thread.
White rhodium finish Gold 18kt (8 to 12% Palladium) (Also available in other precious metals.) AG0076/OV16

8.32 g
Polish R
Diamond Shape:
Round Brilliant
VS2 - very Slightly Included 2
G - Near Colourless/ Rare White
Very Good
Very Good
Without Setting
Shape Main Stone:
Round Brilliant
Hand made in our workshop
Round Brilliant

The modern brilliant cut diamond is without a shadow of a doubt the most popular shape available. It consists of 58 facets and the shape is optimized to reflected the light entering the stone through the top (table). The cut surfaced in the mid 17th century and counted only 17 facets in the crown. Later, a Venetian cutter called Vincent Peruzzi, improved the shape to 33 facets in the crown.

VS2 - very Slightly Included 2

VS2 diamonds contain minor internal characteristics/inclusions which are somewhat easy to observe under 10x magnification.

G - Near Colourless/ Rare White

Only when these diamonds are held next to a master stone of higher color grade, can a slight color be detected. Otherwise color is nealry indiscernible. Although these diamonds are still rare, they are slightly less expensive and are considered a good value. In Scan. D.N. G diamonds are called Top Wesselton and has a value of 1,5-1,99 on the electronic caloriemeter.

Very Good

Tablesize between 52 and 53% or between 63 and 66%, Crown height between 11 and 11.5% or between 16.5 and 18%, Pavilion depth between 41.5 and 42.5% or 45%

Hand made in our workshop

A jewel in precious metal forged and processed by hand is a unique work of art. No serial work, but a creation with a soul. So choose a jewel made by hand by a workshop in the middle of the Antwerp diamond district and by a goldsmith with years of experience. This way you can obtain the perfect jewel that suits you exactly. And a natural diamond makes it timeless because Diamonds are forever!


This item exudes class and simplicity.

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