Peter Poussenier Bv


Purchasing a jewel made with passion and craftsmanship for a unique event you do that at a recognized jeweller in Antwerp

Size: 62 mmc

bicolor white/yellow Gold 18kt

(price on request)

Detailed Information

Wedding ring 18kt with central small band half wire&ring bicolor white/yellow Gold 18kt (Also available in other precious metals.) RGV0119A/70

62 mmc
10.70 g
Setting Details:
Bezel Setting
Gems quantity:
Modern Classic
Shape Main Stone:
Hand assembled
Polish & Paint
Choose & buy:
Buy what:
A jewel made with passion and craftsmanship
For a unique event
At Whom:
You do that at
A recognized
In Antwerp

The solitaire setting is the most sober setting of all. If you want all the attention on your gemstone, this setting is the most appropriate. A solitaire setting can be performed with prongs or claws, but the diamond or gemstone can also be set in a pot or bezel or directly in the plate or metal. This is not performed by our master goldsmith but by our specialized solitaire setter. Yes, even the type of setting itself is also subdivided into all kinds of specializations. If you want your precious gemstone to be processed into a ring, pendant, earring or bracelet with the greatest craftsmanship, then you choose a workshop with more than thirty years of experience in the middle of the Antwerp diamond district.


This item exudes class and simplicity.


You don't buy sustainable handmade jewelry every day. You can do this with peace of mind from a jeweler with a good reputation. So you are in the right place in our workshop in Antwerp where we will help you to get everything your heart desires.

A jewel made with passion and craftsmanship

All our jewelery is produced under our supervison in the center of the Antwerp diamond district. Goldsmiths use all their skills to create something unique for you.

For a unique event

Buying a piece of jewelry is often a unique event in itself. Without there being anything special to celebrate, you can also reward yourself with something very authentic and natural. Buying your own fine jewelry – or ‘self-gifting’ – means that you are probably a very independent person that can also take good care of yourself.

You do that at

Choosing a piece of jewelry as a gift or as a promise of lifelong commitment and love is not something you should take lightly. Inform yourself well in advance and colaborate with someone with experience and expertise.

A recognized

For more than three decades, our workshop has been recognized by the most important authorities in the diamond sector. You can find us for many years on the website of AWDC, the umbrella organization of the Antwerp diamond sector. We are also officially recognized as goldsmiths and craftsmen and registered in the Guarantee Register of the Federal Public Service Economy and SMEs.


As a jeweler, Peter Poussenier specializes in diamonds of the highest quality and in the manufacture of bespoke jewelry set with diamonds and precious stones. You can contact us for a finished jewel from our collection or you can first look with us for a diamond around which we create your jewel.

In Antwerp

For many people, Antwerp is a city that captures everything for them. Its culture, its gastronomy, its river De Scheldt, its world port, Rubens, its Cathedral, ... And above all known for its role in the world diamond trade. If you are looking for a jeweler in the center of Antwerp near the Central Station, you have come to the right place.

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