Peter Poussenier Bv


Who are we, what do we do.

Who we are

Peter Poussenier is specialized in hand-made and customized diamond jewellery, ranging from timeless and classic designs to one-of-a-kind pieces. As a result of this, our gamma is endless and unlimited, everything is possible!

Besides the production of tailor-made jewellery in our atelier, we also offer loose diamonds and a range of services.

  • The purchase of old gold or diamonds
  • Free appraisal of diamonds: usually, the quality of a diamond can only be judged if the stone is unset. If needed, our setter is able to remove the stone from its setting for further evaluation. Also, we are able to give advice on how to recut a stone if the cut is outdated.
  • We provide a safe and discrete environment for our customers. This in combination with a unique and multicultural atmosphere.
  • We believe in maintaining a long-term and positive buyer-seller relationship that is partly based on a strong after-sales service.

Not coincidentally, in the heart of the diamond district

Our ideal location in the middle of the Diamond Quarter means that we are not tied down by our stock. Our supply is only limited by the size of the market itself which represented an annual turnover of 52 billion euro and no less than 32.600 direct and indirect jobs. We are also able to maintain competitive prices, having the ability to quickly act upon changes in this market.

We are not only able to provide lower prices for our customers due to our location, but also provide the know-how that cannot be find anywhere else in the world.

  • The cutting of diamonds is a true craft. Based on the long tradition of Antwerp as thé city of diamonds, it is not unusual that diamonds cut in Antwerp are far superior than diamonds cut in low wage countries.
  • Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with our suppliers, allowing us to guarantee the quality and origins of the diamonds we work with. Three certification institutes; the Diamond High Council (HRD), the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and the Gemological institute of America (GIA) are responsible for handing out diamond certificates. These three insititutes have their offices in the Diamond Quarter. By working with these suppliers, we are guaranteed that stones come from conflict-free areas, applied through the Kimberley certificate.
  • To ensure the highest quality, we work closely with our specialized goldsmiths, setters, engravers, polishers, etc. who provide us with valuable craftmanship.
  • The handling and shipping of valuable jewellery are looked after by specialized delivery services that also have their offices in the close vicinity.

Accessibility, we are only

  • 5 minutes away from Antwerp's Central Station
  • 15 minutes away from the Antwerp Airport (Deurne)
  • 30 minutes away from Brussels Airport and 1h15 from Charleroi (Brussels South)
  • 1h15min. away from Brussels South Charleroi Airport

Already more than 30 years

Peter Poussenier Bvba is a registered diamond company at AWDC (registration number: 9717). The words “diamond” and “gemstone” imply natural origin. We don't sell “synthetic,” “laboratory-grown” or “laboratory-created,” and we avoid the terms “real,” “genuine” and “authentic,” when describing such man-made products.

For more than 30 years we work together with renowned diamond grading labs as GIA, HRD and IGI.

AWDC Registration

Company origin and vision

After his studies, Peter Poussenier followed a rather adventurous career path, before settling down in the world of precious stones and high-end jewellery at the age of 22. The Spanish economy was booming in the early nineties, and Peter saw a chance to collaborate with a Spanish manufacturer of gold diamond jewellery. He built his own client base of jewellers in the Benelux, developing extensive product knowledge and a feeling for the market. Armed with this experience he eventually decided to start producing jewellery himself. Two years after hiring a designer from the Antwerp Aademy and experimenting with silver, he switched to gold jewellery, surrounding himself with experienced and technically formed goldsmiths.

At first, a lot of time was dedicated to creating an efficient and highly optimized production process of series of jewellery. However, this strategy has certain disadvantages, such as:

  • One is forced to produce in large quantities
  • The finishing done by a machine is of lower quality than finishing by hand
  • Constant managing and tuning of the process are quite time consuming and stressful often at the expense of creativity
  • By the repetitive nature of batch production it is humanly not enriching when one is only involved in just a small part of a creation

Focussed on high-end jewellery, atelier Peter Poussenier fills a niche market. Our work combines the demand for high quality and personal jewellery as well as authentic craftsmanship. We are specialized in the coupling of traditional knowledge with modern techniques.

Legal recognition as a craftsman

As a craftsman, Peter Poussenier is legally recognized by the Commission Craftsmen of the federal government or FPS Economy (law of March 19, 2014). This recognition confirms the authentic character of our activity, the manual aspect of our work and our know-how as a craftsman. You can visit the website by clicking on the link below. In french the site is called "" and we are described as "Bijoutier orfèvre pierres précieuses".

FOD Economie - les

Unizo recognizes Peter Poussenier on June 4, 2014 as Handmade In Belgium HIB Ambassador

After screening your application for the Handmade-in-Belgium label, we can do it report positive news that you qualify as a HIB ambassador.

Congratulations! Our jury is of the opinion that you meet the criteria provided to receive the label, i.e.:

  • You are self-employed as your main occupation in Belgium.
  • You have a company with a maximum of 20 employees.
  • A substantial part of your range is handmade.
  • At least 50% of the 'making process' of your product is done by hand yourself and/or employees. (Therein lies the difference with pure industrial production).
  • You create a product/provide a service with a certain utility function, which you immediately distinguishes it from the artist.
  • You make a unique product that bears 'the maker's signature'.

You have a beautiful business and with this authenticity label we want you company as a craft enterprise distinguished from industry and the hobbyists. The label also offers your customer the guarantee of authenticity of the manufacturing process, which also increases the value of your craft product.