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How We Work


As you might have noticed, jewellery prices are never listed on the site. This is simply due to the ever-changing prices of precious metals on the market, as well as to the dollar fluctuations (diamonds are traded in dollars). For these reasons variations in pricings are not unusual.

In regards to our pricing, just like our jewellery, we take account of every individual's personal needs.

In this way, alloys can vary depending on the designed jewellery: platinum, yellow-,white-, red-, or rosé-gold. In turn, diamonds can also be chosen by the client, depending on the desired quality. As you can see, the client has a full control of what he or she wishes to order, from budget-friendly to the more exclusive jewelleries. Prices are, of course, also determined by the thickness, in other words, the weight of the jewellery. By all means, when comparing jewellery prices it is important that one does not compare apples and oranges, due to the extensive nature of the market.

It is also possible to bring in your own design. It must however be technically possible to produce and we must be able guarantee the same quality as we are renowned for.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any specific questions. You can do this via the site, telephone or even better, stop by our store!

You're more than welcome.

Buy your beloved piece of jewellery from us

Before deciding upon a piece of jewelry like an engagement ring it is advisable to first take a look at our wide collection online before visiting our atelier. You can select different models and add them to the info-request basket to recieve more information. Also, feel free to call us during opening hours. By doing this, we will have time to prepare your visit and eventually prepare the stones needed to make the jewellery.

It is also possible to create your own design. Your creation will handled by our goldsmith and, without any obligations, a price can be made.

We can also transform old jewellery into a modern, new piece. Inspiration can be found on our online catalogue.